Conductive hearing loss is a disorder which creates a hear loss when there exists a problem with the bones of your middle ear. This problem generally appears when the capability of conducting the sound waves through the outer ear decreases. It decreases the efficiency of the sound transfer towards the inner ear and this may lead you to accompany with a hear loss problem. This problem is easily cured when it exists in the children.  Common causes for this problem comprise of ear infections, middle ear fluid, or anatomic abnormalities such as crack lip or palate.

You will experience this hear loss as your age goes on increasing and generally this starts from the age of 30. This problem will occur when you expose your ears to a louder noise which is above the audible frequency. There are many causes for happening of this problem and some of them are: when your middle ear is infected and when damage or a disease is occurred to the bones of your middle ear. Due to Conductive hearing loss you may encounter many problems like you may enhance lack of sleep and concentration due to this problem. Your performance levels will be decreased due to this problem.

You may also break down your relationships due the irritation caused by the Conductive hearing loss.
You need to contact an audiologist for solving this problem. You need to follow a perfect medication for curing this disease. You need to intake a higher quantity of substances which include the vitamin A and C. zinc contained materials should be taken by you as Conductive hearing loss decreases your immunity power and these vitamins help you to recover your immunity levels. You need to follow a perfect diet with the food materials which contain higher levels of minerals and vitamins.

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